Pre-order Meals

Each month at Cena we have monthly menu that you can order from. Most months a variety of 10 different entrees will be available which include your protein, starch and sometimes a vegetable too. We have a variety of seafood, beef, pork and chicken dishes. These are assembled in two sizes; full and half orders. Full sizes are meant to serve 4-6 people, and half; 2-3. A full order of chicken will come with 6 x 5oz chicken breasts and a half order with 3. Beef, Pork and Seafood are based on weight.

Meals are complete with directions that are easy to follow. Many of our customers will have their teenage children start dinner before they are home!

We will make meals for you; just choose at least 3 full or 6 half entrees. Most meals will be available for pick up on Saturday’s and delivery can also be an option.

To View the monthly menu, click below, and then email us your choices at !


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